The Concept

So how does the system work?

This is an innovative cross game tabletop terrain building system. Fully assembled, magnetic snap together construction. THIS IS NOT A KIT!

Our tabletop building system is made of durable, highly detailed, precise laser cut MDF and grey board. All buildings come ready to use, no glue required. This unique system for 28mm tabletop games, uses strong earth magnets to attach the building exteriors (skins) to a base box.

Construction couldn't be simpler! The magnetic system means the buildings can be easily and quickly assembled, disassembled and reassembled over and over in various combinations.

Not only can you change skins to create different building combinations from within a range, you can also select skins from other ranges depending on the game or period you wish to play. This cross-game terrain system means you can build a wild west town one evening and a fantasy village for a wargame the next, just by changing the skins on the base box.

All skins are pre-assembled and designed to flat-pack away allowing for easy transportation. It also considerably reduces your need for storage, keeping everyone happy.

In addition, your base box can be used as storage for your figures and other gaming elements, such as dice and tokens.