Our Kickstarter bid

We launched our Kickstarter on Saturday 7th April. Check out our tabletop terrain buildings on our gallery page.

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Kicksterter countdown Colin, Rich, Nick

We are



Thank you to Beasts of War for your review of our campaign.


Not sure what Kickstarter is or how it works? Take a look here:

Kickstarter is a funding platform that helps bring creative projects to life through the direct support of others. Every project has a funding goal which is the amount of money that a creator needs to complete their project. Backers are folks who pledge money to join creators in bringing projects to life. In return rewards are shared with the backer community (e.g. one-of-a-kind experiences, limited editions, copies of the creative work being produced). Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. No one will be charged for a pledge towards a project unless it reaches its funding goal.

Why do people back projects?

Many backers rally around their friends' projects. Some are just inspired by a new idea, while others are motivated to pledge by a project's rewards. Backing a project is more than just pledging funds to a creator. It's pledging your support to a creative idea that you want to see exist in the world.

If you want to know more about how it works, try browsing around and looking at some of the projects on the site — you can start right here.