Playing Warhammer fantasy with a friend in his dad’s pub was my first introduction to tabletop gaming. I quickly became obsessed with designing terrain and buildings to help make the games come to life. Many years later and with a background in art, design and architecture, I’ve gained loads of experience in developing and managing creative projects. 
My gaming career started at 12 when a friend gave me a collection of over 1000 U.S. Civil War 1:72 scale Airfix characters. I was hooked and RPG and tabletop games became my longstanding addiction. I’ve been building terrain for many years and have run a business producing historically accurate scratch built buildings.
As a young boy my fascination with creating the world in miniature began when I painted my first Airfix WW2 plane. This obsession naturally led into the realms of tabletop gaming and RPR. I’ve now got 40 years of model making and painting behind me and a house full of miniature worlds 

An innovative, cross-game, modular tabletop building system for 28mm figures.  Magnetic snap together construction, all buildings come ready to use, no glue required. THIS IS NOT A KIT!